Visualization background

Hello, the visualization of the simulazione has black background. Is it possible to change it? For example setting it white

Thank you

yes, you can change it by right click you will get so many options like the below image:-

then choose background color and you can change it according to your choice.
Hope this will help you.

Thank you! I also found this command line OpenGL: changing the visualization color
Instead is It possible to change beam color (default blue) and secondary particles color (default orange) too?

yes, you can also change beam color by command lines:-
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set e- blue
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set gamma red
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set proton yellow

and for more information about visualization you can follow the slides.
sorry i can not upload here due to forum restrictions on file size but you can download it from the attached link below:-

Hope this will solve your doubt!

Thank you @priyanshu-gif
I tried these command lines

/vis/viewer/set/background white
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set e- blue
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set gamma red
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set proton yellow

unfortunately it works to change the background color, but it doesn’t to change particle colors …indeed, I’ve a positron beam therefore it should have mostly e+ e- gamma secondary particles, but you see, I still have blue beam, just like the default.

moreover, there is a lot of red, …I tried to assign the red to different particles, but it it always the mostly color…

did you switch on this command line and just after this put those color change commands in vis.mac file
can you try this ?

and also this blue is not the beam, it is the axis by default it is showing.
but you can switch off this by

Draw coordinate axes:

#/vis/scene/add/axes 0 0 0 1 m

Hello @priyanshu-gif

Yes here my vis

No…both the beam and the axis are blue… I see the beam creating (in blue) when I run the command line

/control/execute run1.mac

you can see here…the tube of the beam is largest than the tube of the axis

PS. One more question please, the text “5cm” moves alone when I zoom the visualization…is it possible to move it or to delete it? because I’ve the text 5cm on the axis

hello @faca87
please switch off the command
/vis/scene/add/axes 0 0 0 5 m

can you please tell me how you are running your example ?
please run this
/run/beamOn no. of events
like if no. of events are 10 then
/run/beamOn 10
according to me it should work. can you please check that?

Hello @priyanshu-gif I switched off it

now I don’t have the axes and you see…the beam is still blue.

BTW I like the blue beam…I would change the secondary particles colors.

I tried

#Change color 
/vis/viewer/set/background white
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set e+ black
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set e- black
/vis/modeling/trajectories/drawByParticleID-0/set gamma black

then I would have all black, but I still have same colors

Regarding of the run…here my run1.mac

run1.txt (2.0 KB)