Visualization of Geant4 basic example

Hi, i have installed Geant4.10.05p01 on Ubuntu. I am trying to run its basic example B3. But at the end, after the successful execution of its all commands; there is no visualization of the example.Moreover, i have installed visualizer OPen GL but still no visualization has been seen.Screenshot is attached.
Kindly solve this issue. Thanks for your time and consideration.

How did you install Geant4 and with what options (and which version of Ubuntu is this?)? Also, could you post the full output from running the example please (copy paste is fine, and in fact more helpful than a screenshot)?

I am using Geant4 on Ubuntu 19.04 version. The output of the example should be like this(screenshoot attached). But i am not getting it.

The complete documentation of how i installed Geant 4.10.05 p01 on ubuntu 19.04 is here (file attached)
Geant4 installation (afzaal).docx (8.1 KB)

You can post the info on how you installed Geant4 direct on the post using Markdown or plain text. Please don’t post binary files.