Visualization window not popping up

Hey Everyone,

I just installed Geant4. Though I see a visualization window after I execute ./exampleB1 but when I execute a modified example, I do not see one. This modified example was working when I used it last time on another PC, producing viz window after ./example What could have gone wrong, terminal output attached and details below?
Geant4 version: 10.04.07
terminal_out.txt (18.0 KB)

I don’t see anything in your terminal output.

Unmodified exampleB1 works, your modified example does not. Mmmm. Can you be more specific about the difference between them?

Appreciate your response. That’s one of the issue actually, I do not understand the difference better but everything else works as usual. It produces a ROOT-compatible output, which I desire etc. Was wondering if there are any other ways through which I can view the executable in OpenGL except ./exampleB1?

Also, how can I avoid the G4NEUTRONHPDATA errors in the txt I attached in my post?

You use the word “modified”, so I was asking in what way modified? You must know how modified? What do you mean, “I do not understand the difference”? Only you know how it has been modified. My suspicion is that it is something about this modification that is causing the problem.

Re G4NEUTRONHPDATA, check that you have installed the Geant4 databases and established an environment appropriately - see Installation Guide.