Warnings while compiling geant4 v11.1

I’m trying to compile Geant4 with multithreading. I have done this several times and there were no problems in my work. But today I noticed, that there are some warnings from g++. It is only point of interest: can something go wrong due to this? Thank you!

These cases should be benign - ignoring the return values for these functions shouldn’t lead to serious problems. For reference, which OS and compiler versions is this build on/with? We don’t see these in our Nightly builds, so would be good to know for reference or to add that platform!

Thank you for your answer!
I’m using Ubuntu in virtual machine. Version:
VERSION=“22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)”
As compiler g++ 11.3.0 was used.
As I can remember, these warnings did not occur during compilation Geant4 without multithreading, but I can be wrong.

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