Warnings with G4ExtrudedSolids

Dear Geant4 users,

I am trying to use an extruded solid in my geometry (box irradiated by neutrons), but I have warnings during the run. It seems that one of them is about overlap, but the command /geometry/test/run gives me nothing. A second warning is about a navigation problem, but I have no clear idea where it is coming from.

Do I miss something? I use the version 10.4 of Geant.

Thank you in advance for your help.

G4ExtrudedSolid::DistanceToOut() in Geant4 10.4 contains a bug. The following line (#1285):

G4double pz = p.z() - z1 - z0;

should be corrected to:

G4double pz = p.z() - 0.5 * (z0 + z1);

Potentially the bug can be responsible for stuck tracks.

Hope this helps,

Thank you very much. It works, I have no more warnings.

For info, see BUG-2191 : https://bugzilla-geant4.kek.jp/show_bug.cgi?id=2191