What does QBBC mean?


Just a simple question. What does the physics list acronym QBBC stands for ?

Thanks !

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Its just a nomenclature for configuration of particles. I got to know this from the reference: https://indico.cern.ch/event/3190/contributions/737939/attachments/613720/844379/QBBC.pdf

There can be other configurations like QBEC, QBBC_HP, QBEC_HP, QGSP, QBBC, QBEC, QBBC_HP, QBEC_HP, QGSP, QGSP_BERT etc which was listed in the indico ppt reference.

From slide 3 of that presentation, I suspect that QBBC is a Geant4 internal abbreviation for “QGSC + BinaryCascade + Bertini + CHIPS”.

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Ok thanks ! and QGSC is like “Quack Gluon String C…” ? and what does the C mean?

CHIPS, apparently


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