What is the effect of PHP_AS_HP option in the physics?

Dear G4 team,

I found this thread on the forum that has no response and I am also interested by better knowing what is changed by the option PHP_AS_HP. Geant4 4.11 Installation

In particular, I am wondering if this option has an effect on neutrons below 20 MeV.
Do you have some more information that what I could find on internet here (https://indico.fnal.gov/event/9717/contributions/115120/attachments/74579/89467/G4ParticleHP.Validation.pdf and https://indico.cern.ch/event/926629/contributions/3909509/attachments/2058575/3452712/two_proposals_for_hadronics_17Jun2020.pdf)

Thanks for your help.

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