What substitutes SetScintillationYieldFactor in version 11?

Hi. I’m using an old version Geant file with geant4-v11.1.0.
There is a function “SetScintillationYieldFactor(1. )” in the file. But since the new library does not have it, I’m not able to use this function.

I checked the OpNovice2 example in the stint_by_particle.mac. Is the “/opnovice2/boxConstProperty ALPHASCINTILLATIONYIELD1” and “/opnovice2/boxConstProperty ALPHASCINTILLATIONYIELD2” correspond to the previous SetScintillationYieldFactor?

Should I change the SetScintillationYieldFactor(1.) to AddConstProperty(“ALPHASCINTILLATIONYIELD1”, 1.)? Will that do the same job for me?

Look at Book For Application Developers Release 10.7 https://geant4-userdoc.web.cern.ch/UsersGuides/ForApplicationDeveloper/BackupVersions/V10.7/fo/BookForApplicationDevelopers.pdf

Specifically, Section 5.2 (Physics Processes) Scintillation dependent on particle type page 244 and Methods available prior to 10.7 : Particle-dependent yields (page 246) explain how to transition implementing a particle-dependent yield from the old way (prior to 10.7) to the new way (11.1).

Thank you very much!

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