Where can I download G4LENDDATA?

I am running a photoneutron source with 9Be and 124Sb as the gamma source (<3 MeV) building up on the NeutronSource example.
I am using G4LENDorBERTModel. But obtain the error while executing:

In /data/opt/geant4.10.06.p02/source/processes/hadronic/models/lend/src/G4LENDManager.cc, line 70: 
===>  Please setenv G4LENDDATA to point to the LEND files.

Where can I download the G4LENDDATA? And how does one set the environment to access the same?

You find the link here:
Low Energy Nuclear Data (LEND) files can be downloaded from: ftp://gdo-nuclear.ucllnl.org/

The environment settings are described here: https://geant4-userdoc.web.cern.ch/UsersGuides/InstallationGuide/html/postinstall.html

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This link ftp://gdo-nuclear.ucllnl.org/ is now broken

It works for me. Make sure you are using a program designed for ftp transfers (I use FileZilla, but there are many others). A browser may not recognize the link format and give an error.