Where to get a certain version of geant4

Hi, everyone!
I’m wondering where I can get a certain version of geant4 for particular use. For example, I want to download geant4.10.03.tar.gz. However, I only found the installation package of geant4.10.03.p03(i.e.,geant4.10.03.p03.tar.gz) from official download website. I didn’t find any other websites to satisfy my need. I want to install geant4 from scratch online, rather than using data files which have been downloaded.

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Releases since 9.6 are available under the main site:


via the “Previous releases of Geant4” link on the right hand side.

OK, I have found what I need.
Thank you for everyone!

For each release (9.6, 10.0, 10.1, etc.) all patches must be applied in order to have a working installation. The download provides that source with all of the corresponding patches includes. Thus, if you go to the “past releases” area (https://geant4.web.cern.ch/support/download_archive) the [Download] button for, e.g., “Geant4 10.4” includes patch-01, patch-02, and patch-03 already.

To find 10.3 or earlier releases in that Web area, you’ll need to scroll to the bottom and use the “Next” or page number links there.

Thank you, mkelsey.
Maybe I did not express clearly enough.
I have solved this problem.

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