Which FlatSurface is the method pointed

when i use /score/quantity/flatSurfaceCurrent ,the incident particle along -x Axis,the flatSurface point to the Surface perpendicular to x Axis or which perpendicular to z Axis?i.e. the flatSurface is defined by the orientation of incident particle or not?

flatSurfaceCurrent is limited to scoring only at the -Z surface of G4Box.
I also ask if i can use flatSurfaceCurrent to score at other axis surfaces.

This Z-axis is the local axis of the box associated with this scorer. The scoring mesh can be rotated to measure the current of any direction.

@asaim can you please explain how can we use rotation

/score/mesh/rotate/rotateX, /score/mesh/rotate/rotateY, /score/mesh/rotate/rotateZ
For their use, type “help” followed by the command.