Which physic model should be used for ion inelastic interaction

Dear Geant4 experts:

I am trying to simulate the heavy ion transportation in water phantom. The primary incident particle is C-12 with a mono-energy, the minimum energy simulated is about 80 MeV/u and the maximum is 430 MeV/u, the interesting physical qualities includes total dose deposition and secondary fragments yields, and the energy distribution of specified secondary fragments.

I have added the electromagnetic physics opt4 and hadron inelastic physics QGSP_BIC, however, I have no ideal about which ion inelastic should be used. In the Geant4 provides example Hadr06 and Hadr07(path: /examples/extended/hadronic), the physic model: G4IonPhysicsXS() was used, and three alternative models provided, there are: G4IonPhysicsPHP(); G4IonQMDPhysics(); G4IonINCLXXPhysics(). whereas, in the example hadrontherapy (path: /examples/advanced/hadrontherapy) the G4IonBinaryCascadePhysics() was used. I have 2 questions, (1) It looks that all of these physic models could be used to simulate the hadron inelastic of ion, what’s the differences between these models? Which reference have a detail introduction about these model? (2) which physic model mentioned above should I used? Could someone give me some suggestions?

Thank you.

Please, read the paper https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32392626/
It is a good starting point.
I suggest QGSP_BIC_HP.

Thank you for your reply and suggestion, I have read it.

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