Why jump in graph? because of geant4 or something?

Hi Dr Vladimir Ivantchenko and everyone,

Now I’m studying Uranium passing through in Olivine crystal in geant4 with energy of 10MeV/n ,50MeV/n and 100MeV/n. and with the Origin software I make the graph of number of electrons depend on the energies.


I used codes in physicslist.cc
void PhysicsList::SetCuts()
if (verboseLevel>0)
{ G4cout<< “PhysicsList::SetCuts;”;
G4cout << "CutLength : " <<G4BestUnit(defaulfCutValue,“Length”) << G4endl;

G4ProductionCutsTable :: GetProductionCutsTable()->
SetEnergyRange(10.*eV,1.*GeV); // SetEnergyRange(lowedge,highedge);
SetCutValue(fCutForGamma, “gamma”);
SetCutValue(fCutForElectron, " e-");
SetCutValue(fCutForPositron, “e+”);
SetCutValue(fCutForProton, “Proton”);

if (verboseLevel>0){DumpCutValuesTable(); }

and I already tried to change the value in lowedge SetEnergyRange - 100eV,50eV,10eV and highedge is not change ( 1 GeV).

So I got the graph in below:

In the graph of 10MeV/n is ok but for 50MeV/n and 100 MeV/n the middle of graph was jumped. why?I think that according to the process of physics , the graph will be slowing down .right? Why suddenly in the middle of graph is jump double times? It is because of geant4 software or something ??

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Hello Than,

Can you reproduce any of this plots in one of Geant4 examples, let say: $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/electromagnetic/TesEm7

The method SetEnergyRange(…) is needed to define min and max value of electron production threshold. Max value is not relevant, If you set min to 10 eV in our models real limit will be higher - mean ionisation potential of Olinine.

If you reproduce the problem in TestEm7 or in other EM test for us would be much easy to comment.


Hi Dr Vladimir Ivantchenko,

I’ll see example 7 , will try reproduce and plots.Thanks for your kindly reply.

with best regards,