Write trajectory of the beam along transverse at specified interval to external file using vis commands

Geant4 Version: geant4-11-01-patch-02
Operating System: Linux/Windows
Compiler/Version: VS
CMake Version: 3.27

Hi All,

Is it possible to write the trajectory of the beam along the transverse direction to an external file using vis commands? I want to plot sigma x and sigma y along the z-direction of a beam due to the change expected due to the applied magnetic field. Please also let me know if any examples that can help me. Please see picture.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Raja

Not quite sure what you mean. The short answer is, no, there are no vis commands for dumping the trajectory coordinates. The trajectory base class, G4VTrajectory, has ShowTrajectory, so in your end of event action you could invoke it. Something like:

  G4TrajectoryContainer* TC = event -> GetTrajectoryContainer ();
  for (std::size_t iT = 0; iT < TC->entries(); ++iT) {

ShowTrajectory can take an output file stream argument.

Alternatively, you could issue /tracking/verbose 2, and see if that tells you what you want to know.

Thank you Allison for your kind reply. I will try it.