YouTube tutorial on how to compile Geant4 on Ubuntu

Dear Geant4 beginners,

I just posted a YouTube video demonstrating how to compile Geant4 on Ubuntu (in WSL) step by step: I hope it is useful to some of you.


Dear @Jing_Liu ,

I had a look at your video and it looks nice on the installation part. I’m sure some users will find it useful. Please make sure to come back and keep it up-to-date :wink:

My main concern here is that I think the application to be tested should be a Geant4 example in itself (MANY are included in the source code). If there is something wrong with the example you suggested “Gears” the users might believe that their installation is wrong and that might not be the case.

I would also not encourage users to move anything into the root file system. Even if it is inside /usr/local/. This is rather unnecessary bad practice… but I digress, I do not use Ubuntu and do not like how it uses sudo for basically everything


Hi, @pico,
Thank you so much for taking time to watch the tutorial and to provide feedback!

Regarding keeping contents up to date, it would be nice if we can make a few videos to talk about new features or changes introduced in each new release. I rely on you and other Geant4 collaborators to provide suggestions.

I agree with you that compiling a Geant4 example would make this tutorial more “official” :slight_smile: I already have a tutorial dedicated for that:

GitHub - jintonic/gears: Geant4 Example Application with Rich features and Small footprints is my personal pet. Sorry for inserting a soft advertisement in the tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: But I do think it is very beginner friendly. The philosophy behind it is briefly mentioned here:

Regarding the abuse of ‘sudo’ these days, I would agree with you in general. People need to understand its consequence. I actually have another video talking about installing Geant4 in one’s home directory: But Ubuntu is used by many of us as a desktop OS. Its software management system ‘apt’ does save us a lot of time to deal with a long chain of dependence and it needs to be used together with sudo. ‘apt’ in user-mode would be nice to have. Unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t exist.

I don’t want to pretend this is some official tutorial endorsed by the Geant4 Collaboration. I should be responsible for any mistakes that I make in my YouTube videos, not the Collaboration. I appreciate your careful checking and valuable feedback that warns its viewers about potential problems associated with some of the practical approaches taken in this tutorial. I am also grateful for having this opportunity to exchange ideas with a Geant4 collaborator like you.

Thank you!

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