Cant generate X-Rays

Hey there,
I’m completely new to working with Geant4 (and C++ in general), so I am sorry for the lack of basic knowledge in advance.

I’ve been trying to do some Simulations of X-Rays, using a Silver target and Beryllium Window.
Once i set my Particle Energy below 1GeV however, no Photons are created and all the Electrons simply reflect on my Target. This seems very odd to me since my Parameters (50keV, target thickness: 0.7µm and window thickness 125µm) seem very standard.
Ive been looking into several similar questions asked on here recommending to use specific physiclists (Livermore,Penelope etc) and to change some flags in the UI (auger fluo and pixie) but none of that seems to work for me.
I’m currently using the Livermore list and in addition to that I registered G4OpticalPhysics (don’t know if that even necessary but just to be safe).

Thank you for your help!

_Geant4 Version: 11.1.2
_Operating System: Linux

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please, reproduce the problem in Geant4 example code $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm5

You may use Livermore, Penelope EM physics but better to start from the default Opt0 And/or recommended Opt4 EM physics. Optical physics is not needed. You do not need change the code of the example, only prepare macro file.


Thank you for your help!
The example works perfectly fine,
Ive also read about ignoring the deexcitation cut, which i will try with my simulation.
If that doesnt work i will just copy the example and modify it to fit my usecase :slight_smile:


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