Compile Error with VS 2022 17.8

An error occurred when I tried to compile GEANT4 11.1.3 (also 11.2.0)

D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.38.33130\include\xlocnum(1398,76): error C2039
: “_finite”: is not a member of “std” [D:\Programs\GEANT4\geant4-v11.1.3-build\source\G4processes.vcxproj]
(Compile source file “…/…/geant4-v11.1.3/source/processes/hadronic/models/lend/src/”)

It seems to be a VS 2022 problem according to this post GEANT4 Build Error LNK1181 in windows 10.

I am not sure about that. When i reported it to MSVC devs. This is what they replied:

FYI: The link in the image is :

To cross-reference, this was reported in Bugzilla 2582, and the patch is attached there until the next patch release if out (expected beginning of February).

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