Correlated gamma rays simulations

Dear all,
within the FIPPS instrument at ILL Grenoble we are using Geant4 simulations to simulate gamma-ray spectroscopy experiments.
We are now simulating the 152Eu decay (because is a standard source used in gamma ray spectroscopy). We want to do angular correlations in gamma-ray cascades, therefore we need emission of correlated gamma rays.

We are using Geant4.10.06.p02 and in the macro we put the command:
/process/deex/correlatedGamma true ##Enable/disable simulation of correlated gamma emission

With this command we obtain unexpected results with regard to angular correlations, that disagree with the expected angular correlation results with the well known 152Eu source.

Is there anyone that has done angular correlation simulations or has used correlated gamma rays?
Is there some type of UserGuide that can be useful for this topic?

Thank you for the help!