G4TENDL: Documentation and Usage


I was wondering about what the G4TENDL dataset is and how it is used. Is there any documentation for these data files? Will they be automatically used if they are present and the environment variable is set correctly? I tried finding information via Google with no success.


G4TENDL is the Geant4 version of the TENDL database which is filled with the output of the TALYS nuclear model code. Its entries are the result of calculation and not measured data as is the case for ENDF, for example. TENDL is useful for cases in which there is no measured data for a particular reaction and can be used in place of G4NDL. Once you have downloaded G4TENDL from the Geant4 download page, set the environment variable thus

export G4PARTICLEHPDATA=/your/path/G4TENDL1.3.2/

and use a physics list which invokes the ParticleHP models.

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I there any chance you could point me to a physics list in Geant4 that invokes ParticleHP. I’m having trouble finding any and I need to use TENDL.

Any physics list whose name has an _HP appended should work. They were all converted from NeutronHP to ParticleHP a few years ago.

Hi, I have a question to ask. G4TENDL is the Geant4 vesion of TENDL data base. Did the data base contain the cross section of proton interaction with target. Because when I simulate Ni64(p,n)Cu64 recation, I can’t get the correct result.
In the below fig, IAEA is the data from IAEA. Geant4 is the simulate result from Geant4 calcualte with G4TENDL. TENDL is the data form Talys Tendl.