Histogram construction for TestEm5

i have just run the geant4 extended example TestEm5 but. in the end of all i want to make a /analysis/h1/create means 1D histogram. but don’t know how and which vales to put kindly help…
Thanks for your time.

If you are using code:

the analysis manager -> fillHist() method should work.

i also want to know how to do that… i’m trying if i got something i’ll let you know.

how can we change the material and its parameters with in the example. if you know kindly tell me?

Again (IF you are modifying code): the materials are under the DetectorConstruction.cc file.
That file includes all parameters regarding shape, material, and density.


Also note that most questions have already been asked on the forums or online.
See the below forum post:

thanks i’ll try… thanks for your time.