How to get coordinates of cursor visualization or something similar?


I see my geometry populated in visualization window. Is there a way to validate the dimensions visually? For example, for a case of 5 cm cube, I would like to visually validate that the length is indeed 5 cm. Maybe moving cursor from one side of edge to other and subtracting the coordinates? How can I make this possible in the visualization window itself (or using a macro)?

you could draw axes with a length scale: see here

The vis system does not attempt to emulate a CAD system, but we do have some features that help to debug the geometry - see Debugging geometry with vis — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation.

If you are using Qt, what you might find helpful is a little “pick” icon, 5th from the left on the top menu bar of the Qt GUI. It opens a little window and if you click on a shape its properties are displayed in the window.

With a plain OpenGL window, you should be able to /vis/viewrer/set/picking, and get a similar result (but I haven’t tested that in a while).

If you know the place of the volume in the geometry hierarchy (we call it a “touchable”), you can /vis/set/touchable and /vis/touchable/dump. Look at the guidance to see how to use the commands. You might find /vis/drawTree useful.

Navigate commands with ls or help, They are documented in Built-in Commands — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks John (@allison)! Never discovered the ‘pick’ icon! That is helpful, the last link is life saver too.

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