I am not been able to get the the Characterstics pean in xray spectrum

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PhysicsList.cc (11.3 KB)
run.txt (209 Bytes)
Here i am defining my physics list like this and i am not getting the Xray spectrum can you please suggest me what is wrong in this.i am also uploading the spectrum i have got by using tungsten as target material and LaBr3 is my detector

I think the problem is that the atomic de-excitation is not activated. I suggest to use the physics list of extended example TestEM5 (in examples/extended/electromagnetic/). The fluorescence is activated by default. I

I have tried by defining the atomic de-excitation (the code is attached)
and the target is tungsten only. please let me know what else do i need to define?
PhysicsList.cc (18.3 KB)

you need more statististics