Install Geant4.10.7 on RHEL7

Hi All,
I am not new to Geant4 but I did not use it for the last few years. I managed to login to the forum so I can post some questions regarding installing the latest version of Geant4 (v10.7) on RHEL 7. I still try to find my way around, and I hope my message will be allowed to be posted in the right forum. It seems the moderators should assign more rights to my username according to the ‘robot’ forum.

So, I have managed to compile everything using gcc 8.4.0 which was provided by the devtoolset-8. I should add that my preference is to use the OpenInventor driver so I have installed coin-4.0.0, SoQt-1.6.0, and SoXt-1.4.0.

To test the general functionality I normally use an updated version of the old example N03. Obviously, I am using the same gcc version. The compilation goes well but ‘ld’ generates an error stating it cannot find -lCoin. The coin libs were declared in /etc/ld.config.d/.

There were other issues related to the include/PTL folder which I’ve fixed thanks to another post, but this makes me believe the coin libs issue might be related to something similar.

Any thoughts about this issue and what config file should be edited if any?


Hi Dragos

You need to specify the libraries with CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, e.g:

cmake \


(put your own paths in there).

You may use this with or without the Qt interactive session.

Let me encourage you to try the OIXE driver, which provides an “extended” version of the examiner viewer - see

Geant4 10.7 includes a “experimental” version of an OIQt driver, for which you need the Qt session:

-DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=~/Qt/5.15.0/clang_64/bin/qmake \

Let us know how this works for you.

Note: SoXt and SoQt cannot coexist.

All this is documented in principle, but if you have any suggestions for improving the documentation please let us know.