Material: Tritium

I want to collect the neutrons and gammas from a simulation of impinging deuterons on a tritium target. I’ve been looking around but can’t seem to find a predefined material for tritium or titanium tritide in Geant4. Is there such?

I think tritium is G4Triton:

For titanium tritide i believe that you must define yourself the material.

For tritium material, you will need to build it yourself using G4Material <- G4Element <- G4Isotope.

The G4Triton particle is not the tritium material. That is the particle type you would use if you were going to make a beam. It’s also the particle you would see as a secondary if you shot a beam at your tritium target and got an elastic scatter.

Thanks for the inputs and clarification about G4Triton.

So, I did continue forward with defining the material myself. Is there a recommended physics lists to use with tritium if I am mainly interested in sub-coulumb energies? The cross sections for neutron production which was loaded using the QGSP_BIC_HP_EMZ is not what I would expect from literature. Also it does not go below 0.7 MeV.

For future reference: After being in contact with Douglas @ ESS I was guided onwards to G4TENDL: Documentation and Usage. By implementing the tritium material myself, following the steps in the attached link to make use of the G4TENDL database and then (on Douglas suggestion) changing physics lists from QGSP_BIC_HP_EMZ+TS to QGSP_BIC_ALLHP, things worked out.

It seems that the problem is resolved.