Minimum energy in Geant4-v11

In Geant4-v11, minimum energy could not be set.
I use Penelope or Livermore models.
I set the energy range by

G4ProductionCutsTable::GetProductionCutsTable()->SetEnergyRange(100 * eV, 1 * MeV);

But generated X-ray (Fluoro and Bremss.) is above 1 keV( it may be default ). In Geant4 10.7, its x-ray is above 100 eV in the same code.
Of course, I tried

/cuts/setLowEdge 100 eV

but I get the same situation.

Please tell me how to set the minimum energy less than1 keV in Geant4-V11.



please, try out



/process/em/lowestElectronEnergy 10 eV



I’ve tried both of that and it fails (the /process/em/lowestElectronEnergy macro won’t work, at least for my non-standard PhysicsList).

Since in G4-10.4 p03 the commands indicated by MoritaMasaki work just fine, I suspect this to be a bug.