Missing libraries in my Geant?

two days ago I changed research group. I will work using an existing GEANT4 simulation (I will use it to do simulations and update).

I’m waiting the credentials to run the simulation on my new research group cluster (GEANT4 and ROOT are installed yet on the cluester) but, for the moment, I’m trying to run the simulation on my local computer.
The simulation is made for G4 11, then I installed it, but I’m having problem using it.
The first one is related to the pre-set B1 example because, as I wrote here B1 example of Geant4 11- Impossible to find the entering point I get errors when I run it.

The second problem is related to the simulation that I should use in my new research group, because when I compile it, I get the error due to missing G4UItcsh.hh library.
Isn’t it a standard G4 library?

It is not a library but a C++ header. It seems your environment is not set up correctly. Have you installed Geant4 in a usual place like /usr/local/ or somewhere else?

The problem, in short, is that Cmake does not find the Geant4 installation or confuses by duplicate records.

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