NE213_Neutron detector

Dear Users,

Could anyone point me to the example file in Geant4 for Scintillation detector like the NE213 or any organic based detector?

I modified the OpNovice and B1 examples to model a cylindrical NE213 scintillator coupled to a PMT, irradiated by a general particle source (GPS) of selectable particles. The code outputs an ascii file having a pair of numbers per event; the number of optical photons created in the scintillator and the number that reach the entrance window of an attached PMT. The output file may then be processed by Octave (similar to Matlab) code (which I also have) to produce spectra and perform further analysis. NE213 optical and physical data come from various sources. If you want a copy, please let me know how to send it to you.

Hi John,

Thank you for willing to share your experience. Yes, please!! I would love if you will share your files. I would also like to connect with you. Feel free to share it here or through my email if the files are large (


The zipped tarball is about 16Mb, so it is too big to share here. I will contact you directly to try to email it.

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