Thermal neutron behavior

I am trying to model thermal neutron absorption, and if I generate neutrons at 0.025 eV, they never make it into my scintillator, but instead are terminated by the nKiller process.

I came across this thread Deactivation of the neutron killer (nKiller) process and was able to get predicted behavior (Li6 + neutron → triton + alpha) in my scintillator.

Why does nKiller kill the neutron if it’s energy is not at 0? It seems that the default minimum energy is 0, but it is killing the neutron at 0.025 eV.

I am using FTFP_BERT physics with EmStandardPhysics and Optical physics enabled.

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If anyone else is curious, my issue is that I was using FTFP_BERT physics instead of FTFP_BERT_HP. I needed the hadron physics for accurate neutron cross sections I suppose.

In the physics list name, “HP” doesn’t refer to “hadron physics”, it refers to “HIgh Precision”, specifically the ParticleHP physics processes, which include high-precision neutron, proton, and other cross-sections taken directly from evaluated data libraries.

Ah, ok thanks. Either way I had better results using the High Precision list

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