Big difference between geant4 and mcnp6,fluka,phits

when i use geant4, mcnp6,fluka,phits to calculate a same case, the different results occur:
the result from geant4 is: 0.16 using G4NDL4.6, 0.15 using Endf/B7.1

the result from fluka is:0.016

the result from mcnp6 is:0.02

the result from phits is:0.02

it is obvious that geant4 produce bigger result than others.


the source codes are uploaded.Processing: FrameProjection.tar.gz…

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Processing: FrameProjection.tar.gz… (4.7 KB) (2.9 KB) (6.5 KB) (2.7 KB) (6.1 KB) (3.6 KB) (3.8 KB) (4.8 KB) (2.2 KB) (3.3 KB) (2.6 KB)

To help in answering the question, could you let use know which versions of Geant4, MCNP, etc are being used please? Also, what exactly is/are the quantity(quantities) you are scoring and comparing against?

the version of Geant4 is 10.7.p02
the version of Mcnp is 6.1.1
the version of Phits is 320
the version of fluka is 4-1.1

the quantity i score is the total rate of recoil nucleus bombed by neutron.


this number depends on how number of recoil nuclei is scored, is there a threshold in kinetic energy or not.


thanks, the problem has been solved.
maybe there is a bug in PrimaryGeneratorAction section.